Sunday, 7 February 2010

First day of training.

So today I began my first day of training.  It feels all momentous, like the first day of school.  I always dreaded the first day of school.
I took it fairly easy today and completed a 3.35km distance (2.08miles).  I alternated a walk/run pattern as suggested by most training plans.  Even that had my lungs wanting to explode!  It was also so cold today that there were no worries about sweating. ha!  
My friend Anna may join in on the race with me again, so I would like to get my running up so that I can maybe keep up with her...She's a speed demon compared to my pace.  My pace = slower than most walk ;)
It's embarrasing but i'll tell you, i'm averaging like a 14 minute mile.  My excuse is no exercise for a year and a half, little legs..and it was hilly!  er, yeah.  So besides distance, my new goal is speed.  I definitely need to work on my speed!
My training log on mapmyrun is basically telling me i'm too fat and too slow.  I currently have a big dislike for it and we're not talking.

sorry for the badly edited video :)

Training update - Day 1 from Leilani W on Vimeo.

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