Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Really tired today as it's been a fairly busy day.  Haven't really had a moments rest until now.  Ran 4k today, albeit a bit slower than the last run. Was feeling a bit ugh.  Think I ate too close to the run, or ate too much...or probably a bit of both! ;)  I still gave it 2 hours before, but I think maybe i need to eat no later than 2 and 1/2 hours before a run.  Anna is great to run with as she really pushes me.  I'm competitive so it really gets to me when i see her running so far ahead of me.  With that motivation and her general happy go lucky, you can do it attitude I'm doing fairly well on the increasing of distance :)  Still working on my snail's pace, but at least I'm a slightly quicker snail!  I'm enjoying the running a bit more. (well at least i enjoy the fact that i've done it after ;) )  Didn't bother to listen to music either today, even though i brought it.  I concentrated again on my breathing, which really helps I think.  I only had one stitch and easily ran through it by changing my breathing pattern.  The vomity feeling in the end...well i guess that'll go the more i get fit..haha.

Pace: 12:05 (avg)   
Speed: 5 (mi/hr) (avg)  

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