Monday, 8 March 2010


um, yes. I've been a naughty girl.  I haven't run since 01/03/2010...and i didn't update the blog on that!  Last monday I ran with anna just over 4k...and then...well, i did no exercise.  Both of us were quite busy this week and thus didn't give ourselves the kick up the bum we needed.  HOWEVER, (yes, a big however) tonight we did just over 5k...5.47k to be exact.  I lost anna around the 3k mark, she sped on while i lumbered on! ;)  Took around 50 minutes for me.  I'm getting quite a lot of pain in my shins and achilles.  I think i'm goign to try and work in some yoga or pilates to increase the flexibility of my legs.  The pain is unbearable during and after running.  It's a real battle to keep running through it.

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